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“Back to School” Underwear

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

We are approaching the “Back to School” season and depending on who you are your emotions will mean different things.

If you are a teacher, it’s the anxiety, happiness or frustration of getting your class room ready and getting to know new families. If you are in the medical field it’s the chaos, cautious or impatient feelings of working long hours due to physicals. if you are a therapist or social worker it’s the feeling of fear, due to children who were neglected or abused for various reasons in the summer and having to uncover their summer struggle. If you are a parent it is the excitement, embarrassment, sadness or hopelessness feelings of not being able to provide school supplies or clothes.

Whatever emotion you are experiencing thinking about “Back to School” may be pleasant, unpleasant or a mixed emotion. But keep in mind that families are resilient, especially children and making sure they are comfortable to learn is a positive start for their self-care. Most people try to do what they can to keep “Back to School” time fun and welcoming. We all see many “Back to School” drives where people donate school supplies and school bags, free haircuts or hairstyles and hygiene products. The intentions of the drives are to support communities to foster education and enhance self-esteem for children. I recently toured a homeless shelter and was informed that even though they receive great donations, they struggle with socks and underwear. I know, things you don’t think about if you never experienced being deprived of clean socks and underwear. After brainstorming, I thought, how could not having clean underwear and socks affect a person’s well-being? So, I come up with the following things:

1. Self-Worth/Self-Esteem

The emotional toll of having to wear the same set of dirty underwear can be unbearable. A clean pair of underwear can provide someone with the sense of dignity and self-worth.

2. Self-confidence

The unpleasant odors and other adverse health effects caused by dirty undergarments can cause psychological and social issues due to uncomfortable social interactions, learning or participating in activities. A clean pair of undies allows confidence they need to have successful relationships and social interactions.

3. Hygiene

Not changing your underwear regularly causes bacteria to accumulate, which causes odor and or rash on the skin. In order to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness, fresh underwear is essential.

4. Health

Wearing the same underwear for an extended period of time can also have severe consequences on your personal health. Bacteria can cause dangerous infections if they stay in contact with the skin for long periods of time. Clean underwear is more than a convenience, it is imperative to one’s health.

Now, that you understand how underwear and socks can affect a person’s wellbeing. Please join Life & Family Guidance, LLC & The Law Offices of Jason F. Hageman by donating socks and or monetary gifts. Thank you in advance!

Katie Onitiri-Hageman the Life & Family Guidance Therapist

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