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Looking for Confidence in Business? This New Guided Journal is Here to Help.

It’s not always easy to navigate the business world while also overcoming the various struggles of self-doubt, negative thoughts, stress management and more. In fact, entrepreneurs are often affected by mental health issues, at a time when they should be functioning at their highest levels.

The solution? “Take care of the head that wears the crown.” In other words, take care of

yourself just as much as you take care of your business and you’ll be on the right track. While this can seem a daunting task, the new guided journal from psychotherapist, professor, and counseling expert, Katie Onitiri-Hageman, is here to empower that path and make the self-help journey an easy, and even enjoyable one. The new journal. An Entrepreneurial Therapy Guide to Overcome Self-Doubt, in now available in both e-book and hardcover formats.

The journal, which was created with the purpose to guide individuals in identifying concerns that hold them back from success, is a powerful tool for those looking to proactively understand the correlations between mental health and professional achievement. Merging the analysis of mental health while applying to business acumen and entrepreneurship for long lasting confidence, author Onitiri-Hageman is able to provide valuable knowledge and self-guided structure in approaching the intersection of mental health and business.

The concept of Business Self-Esteem is introduced to teach a systemic approach to analyze one’s mental health, illuminating the ways various thoughts and behaviors affect business management and growth.

Exploring this journal is the first step in identifying the need for self-care, and provides the crucial next step towards improvement and action. Katie is especially focused on empowering women, small business owners and BIPOC people who can benefit from achieving more with a guided approach.

Learn more about the journal and purchase An Entrepreneurial Therapy Guide to Overcome Self-Doubt here. Additional information about Katie’s work can be found here.


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