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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Every year the holiday comes and it brings up a lot of uncomfortable emotions. Many people have love ones that they wish were here to celebrate the holidays with. Some have love ones that passed away in the midst of the holiday season. And others find that they are losing themselves or their prize posessions.

During a time that is supposed to be a joyous occasion we find ourselves trying to pull through our grief and feelings of loneliness, sadness, disappointments, stress, anxiousness, anger, etc. The best thing to do during this season is to:

1. Love on the ones that are here even more. Spend time with people you love and that genuinely loves you. (Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church community, support groups, etc.)

2. Throw guilt, shame and self-doubt away. Life happens and we have to find reason to keep moving but don't stretch yourself by trying to over accommodate. It's ok to say no to people and things. If you don't want to be around others during hithe holidays. Don't! Don't feel guilty or shameful about what you could've done in the past. Understand God's will.

3. Find purpose through spirituality and religion. Believe in something that will help you cope with hard days. Pray for guidance and peace. Talk to God through prayer and discuss the love one that just passed. Spiritual or a religious perspective helps individuals find peace in their soul.

4. Ask for help from others if you are struggling through grief. It is ok to grieve. All emotions are normal and we should feel them but if you find yourself not being able to cope with life. You can seek help through talking to someone you know, group counseling, grief counseling and or pastoral services, etc.


Much Love,

Katie Onitiri, EdS, LAMFT, LCADC 

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